June 18, 2015

The Vineyards

Our grapes come from vineyards cultivated with passion and love. Planted on steep south or south-west facing hills, the plants enjoy maximum sun exposure leading to an optimum developpement of its organoleptic attributes (aroma, body, freshness).
Positionned on the highest hill around, facing the mediteranean sea, a constant breeze blows on the vines, limiting tremendously the presence of moulds or other pathogens. Furthermore, the altitude means fresh nights which in turn insures a high level of acidity in the grapes, key to the freshness and lightness of the finished wine.
The light sandy soils of the Tuscan coast are not often well suited to the production of rich, flavorful wines but are usually reserved for entry level quaffers without character. Our vineyards however are situated on a geological anomaly, a stony, argileous ridge made up of heavy clay and calcareous sea shell fossils creating a micro-terroir renowned throughout the area as being one of the best for the production of wines of deep aromas and characater.