June 18, 2015

Kosher wine tour in Tuscany

Discover one of Europe's only fully Kosher winery

If you ever dreamt of a Kosher Wine Tour in Tuscany, you're in the right place! We're in the very heart of it all.

Our tours include a walk through our vegetable gardens and orchards. We'll discover together the seasonal vegetables we use in the winery kitchen. We will then explain you about winemaking and about the history of the winery which dates back to 1788.  And of course, we offer genuine Tuscan food, home-made cheeses and soon in-house cured meats. All the food and the wine is strictly kosher which makes us one of the very few spots for kosher food in Tuscany.



Kosher wine tour in Tuscany
view from our kosher winery near Florence

If you have more time, we can organise a tour of the vineyards. The vineyards are 30 min drive from the winery. There  we can teach you about the importance of the soil and of the fruit quality in winemaking. We'll discuss the Jewish laws pertaining to viticulture and winemaking to give you a taste of what being a Jewish winemaker entails.

Indicative cost of the Kosher wine tour is as follows:

  • Two to four adults: 20 €/ adult
  • Five to ten: 15€/adult
  • Eleven and up: please get in touch for a quote.

But honestly, if you're already coming out to try our wines, you should really stay for a meal and take a moment to enjoy the Dolce Vita at its finest inside Europe's only Kosher Farm-to-Table restaurant!

 This price includes, kosher wine and oil tasting as well as light Tuscan antipasti. Reservation necessary by email or phone.