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Eli grew up in the countryside around Paris. He has lived in California, Israel, England and now Tuscany. He studied Middle Eastern history and politics but his passion for wine, the outdoors and his desire to have a real link with the food he eats and nature around him pushed him to get a winemaking degree in France and working in a high end non-kosher organic winery in Alsace. Seeing the lack of artisanal wine production on the kosher market and driven by a will to free up his schedule to be able to learn Torah, he decided to set up Cantina Giuliano. He takes care of winemaking, oversees grape production and sales. He thus spends 6 months in Tuscany making wine and welcoming tourists and 6 months in Strasbourg, France.


Lara is from the village of Casciana Alta where the winery is situated, and later lived and studied in Florence, Istanbul, London and Jerusalem. She studied International Relations and Diplomacy as well as translation studies. But in the end, the prospect of spending her days behind a desk seemed too much to bear and she decided with Eli to bring back to life her grandfather’s winery and his passion for the rich local traditions of Tuscany in winemaking and gastronomy but with a kosher twist. Lara helps at the winery during harvest, cooks in the restaurant kitchen and is the magician behind our cheese, jam, candy and other crazy productions.

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